About Kevin

As a curious 5-year old I would walk around the house while staring down into a mirror. It was a fascinating way to see the world, a different perspective that often led to a bruise or two. Seeing that I may cause some serious harm, my grandmother gave me an old camera to peer through instead. I remember climbing a chair and looking into my grandfather’s top dresser drawer. I found a 1960’s copy of Playboy and knew at that point that someday I’d be photographing nudes.

For me, photography has always been about choosing a perspective, framing the subject, and casting light. It’s the perfect metaphor for why we share this planet. We each have a unique perspective, story, and way of contributing. When we share our perspectives honestly and open our hearts and mind to receive the same from others, without judgment, we are at our best.

Themed Art Photography

An exploration of photography through the lenses of Pictorial, Abstract, and Gothic aesthetics.

My goal is to capture the beauty and raw vulnerability of the human form through nude portraits and figure work. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal, ghostly, and otherworldly elements found in Gothic art, nature, and literature, I merge themes of beauty, imperfections, and the enigmatic nature of life. I’m driven to create visuals that transcend conventional boundaries, my work explores the interplay between light and shadow on the human body, unveiling the equilibrium between life’s vitality and the passage of time.

I aim to capture moments that reveal the harmony between vulnerability and strength. Whether it’s the graceful curves and contours or the intricate details of skin and muscle, my hope is my imagery gives meaningful insight into existence, where the human body becomes a work of art, a vessel for stories and emotions.

People Projects

My projects are intended to celebrate the uniqueness, similarities, and diversity of individuals through nude portraits and figure work. With this approach, I aim to create photographs of everyone in the “same light,” emphasizing the equality and shared human experience that transcends societal expectations and individual differences.

I strive to capture the authenticity of the human form, showcasing the diversity of bodies and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. By creating a safe and inclusive environment, I invite people from all walks of life to participate in these projects, encouraging them to embrace their bodies and find empowerment through self-acceptance.

In my images, I seek to challenge societal norms and promote body positivity by capturing the strength, vulnerability, and resilience that can be found in everybody. By showcasing the raw beauty of diverse forms and figures, I aim to break down barriers and foster a sense of unity and appreciation for the unique perspectives that coexist in our world.

Through these projects, I hope to inspire individuals to embrace their bodies as works of art, encouraging self-love, acceptance, and an understanding that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and identities. By shedding light on the interconnectedness of humanity and celebrating the rich tapestry of human existence, I strive to create a visual narrative that promotes inclusivity, diversity, and the celebration of our shared humanity.